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So there’s a few of us who have begun a Supernatural RP on Facebook, and we’re interested in gaining more characters! Here’s who we have taken so far:

Castiel ‘Angelo’: (here)

Gabriel ‘Angelo’: (here)

Sam Winchester: (here)

Dean Winchester: (here)

Balthazar ‘Angelo’(here)

Morning-Star ‘Angelo’ (Lucifer) (here

Adam Milligan/Winchester (as yet uncreated)

We’re looking for pretty much anyone else, so if you’re interested please send something into this askbox, containing who you would like to play, and preferably a sample of you RPing as the aforementioned character.

Pairings are flexible and subject to change-you’d just have to consult with those involved, first. Lucifer is looking especially for a Michael.

Please please please please join!!

We don’t bite and we’re having so much fun, but we really need some more characters to make it even better :)

So please! It’ll be so much funnn! 

2 years ago


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